Tuesday, June 27, 2017


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302 Linden Ponds Way
Apt. MG 207
Hingham, MA 02043
April 22, 2016

Dear Naomi, my very best friend in Florida,
       Thank you for your lovely letter.  I read it to Kathie and she says “Hello” back to you.
        I’m doing quite well for someone who will be 95 in a few months.  It amazes me that I have l
lived to such an old age.  No one else in my family did that.  My father was 57 when he died, my
mother only 79, my sister 88.  As you know, my dear son Ted died a few weeks ago of a terrible
illness called ALS Disease.  He just stopped breathing.  When the undertaker came to his house
and carried his body to the opening at the back of the car, Ted’s dog Tucker followed him, then stood up on his hind legs and put his head next to Ted’s.  This was Tucker’s way of saying goodbye to my son. 
        It is hard for me to say goodbye to him.  The disease made it difficult for Ted to use his arms,
so he bought a machine that he could pedal with his feet.  He would go along the side of the
street, being careful to stay out of the way when cars came along.  One time he came to a house
where a woman was out in her yard.  They began chatting with  each other, and he invited her to visit
him at his house.  Her name was Rickie, and soon after that day she began staying with him and
helping him with his meals, since he was unable to feed himself.  Everyone in the family knew
Rickie was a blessing from Heaven.
       You are one of my blessings, dear Naomi.  Thank you for being my friend.
                                                                                         With love from. . . .

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