Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Afterword . . .
                 With a few brief strokes
              The artist strives to capture
                  A subject’s essence,
                     Following a path
              Along which heart and hand
                  Move in harmony.

                PORTRAIT OF HAIKU
                 Dip your brush in ink,
             Make a small dot for the eye,
                  A “v” for his beak.
                 Add a sweep of wing
               Curving across his body
              With long stalks for legs.
              These few simple strokes,
            Journeying from heart to hand,
                 Show us less is more.
                    Look for new subjects
                    Ready to be discovered
                      By your inner eye.
                    Let your spirit roam. . .
                 The themes of nature await
                  The stroke of your brush.
                When you've read this book,
                Try to write your own haiku
                 And draw your own sketch.
                    It's really not hard:
                 Use seventeen syllables
                 To express each thought.
                  Five for the first line (5) 
               Then seven for the second (7)
                  And five for the last. (5)
                Think of Nature's World 
            And a subject that charms you--
               Tell us your daydreams.

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