Sunday, July 16, 2017


Note to visitors:  It took me well over an hour to figure out where to put this.  Finally decided it belonged with other tales about LOVE SEX AND AGING.

     Ted called me and said Dottie Remick had sent him some photos of Ed that he was going to forward to me.  Even though we had been long divorced, and I knew Ed had been dating Marylyn, I felt a definite pang when I saw him sitting between these two beautiful women, looking sheepish. Then I read the note Dottie had included with the photos. She said that she and Marylyn had stopped at the hospital for a visit with Ed after his operation.  She thought Marylyn must have been a bit put out to find me there.  Dottie had a camera with her.  She handed it to me, so I was the one who took the picture of my ex-husband with the two beautiful women. The pang has vanished.

June 28, 2016     
     Over 300 people visited this post yesterday, double the number the day before, but not one of them expressed his or her reaction to the photo.  I guess everyone is just too busy to make any comments on my blog.  
     I’ll be 95 on August 17th.  Yikes!!!  Ninety-five? I do hope I’ll hear from a few friends and would be ever so pleased if a greeting appeared from a visiting stranger from overseas.  How do you say Happy Birthday in Russian?  French? Spanish? German?  Italian?  Portuguese? Residents of all these countries have left their calling cards on 
The above is allegedly accessible if you first click on the Control (Ctrl) key. It is not, at least not on my keyboard.  Anyone interested could put above address on the Internet Explorer.  That should do it.


  1. I'll add impish and mischievous to your description of Uncle Ed's smile sitting between two beauties. I remember Dottie, but not Marylyn. Is this picture what piqued your interest in photography?

    1. No, a photography course in Boston came first, then the photo of that rascal of a husband. I wrote a poem about rascally husbands called "How To Hold Your Man." It's on your right in the list of alphabetical labels.