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From: Tim Malley;
Date: Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 7:41 AM
Subject: Aerial Video
From Tim Malley
Hi Tyler-
      One of my post-semi-retirement hobbies has been flying drones, quadcopters to be precise. I recently filmed a short sequence of Sandy Cove, where I grew up as a child. The conditions weren't great -- a little windy -- and I am still getting the hang of making smooth flights and getting smooth results.  
      I know some courses have hired professionals to do aerial overviews of their courses. What I am wondering about is whether it might be possible to film each hole at times when there was no play underway over a period of time -- weeks anyway. The idea is the same as my Sandy Cove video -- a place I grew up with, and memories I cherish. If the results were good enough and the club wanted to use them in any way, I would be happy to donate edited digital copies (my son is a qualified video editor). 
      I'm sure you and JP and others would have concerns- crashes on greens etc, but as a licensed commercial pilot with 4000 hours I'm a pretty good pilot. OK, well I crashed it a few times when I first got it- then decided I'd better read the directions. It is a DJI Vision 2+, one of the most popular "hobby" class of drone; the video quality is pretty amazing. I have pasted a link to my Sandy Cove video below. The video itself is soundless, but overlaying audio (like a hole description by the course pro) is a snap. I threw some Mozart on my video which I now find a little annoying!
      I won't be surprised if you have been approached by others, either professionals or guys like me, so you may already have thoughts on this. Let me know, and anyway I have no doubt I will be seeing you soon with the best golf weather coming up!

bbm:  Visitors click on link below to see Tim's sequence of Sandy Cove in Cohasset, where the Malley children were raised.  Doesn't work.  Will consult with Tim.  bbm 5-13-16

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