Tuesday, August 1, 2017


                                                    PANDORA'S BOX

                                       Pandora, my dear, on a long-ago day, 
                  Discovered a box slyly hidden away.

                                   Upon it was written: "Don't tamper with me!

  Unfasten my lock, and it's sorry you'll be!

                                 Ignoring the words which were scratched on its lid,

 She was tempted to peek at the treasures it hid . . .

  And being Pandora— that's just what she did!

  Turning the key in the rusty old lock,  

                                  Pandora was instantly smitten with shock!

For out of that box flew mosquitoes and gnats,

June bugs and hornets and beetles and bats!
 But that wasn't all!  There came horrider ills:

                                    Toothaches and Headaches and Fevers and Chills!

                                                   Grace Lawrence
                                Rainstorms and Brainstorms and Measles and Mumps,

                                  Tumbles and Stumbles and Bruises and Bumps!
                                       Skin-itch and Spinach and Worries and Fears—

  And even such things, my unfortunate dears,
                                    As Wearing Your Slippers and Washing Your Ears!

                                     Just think!  The whole world would be better, indeed,

                                        If only Pandora had known how to read!         

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