Tuesday, August 1, 2017


                                     WHY CRABS WALK SIDEWAYS

                                Crabby was shuttling along in the sand.

He was little; he'd stand on the palm of your hand,

But inside of the wee crusty shell that he had

Was packed a big temper—and all of it bad.

Now it chanced as he traveled, that long‑ago day,

He met an old wizard approaching his way.

"Hello!" said the wizard, all set for a visit,

"A fine day!" he smiled.  Crabby crossly said, "Is it?"

His tone had so very unfriendly a sound

That it vexed the old wizard clear down to the ground.

Staring at Crabby, he muttered, "Well, well,

It seems you're a trifle too big for your shell."

Crabby pinched the man's toe, making bad matters worse,

Then planning to leave, nimbly went in reverse,

And backing away, very haughty and slow,

He started to go where he wanted to go.

                                                                                                              Leo Harrington

But alas for that creature, bad‑tempered and small,

He found that he couldn't go forward at all!

The wizard had muttered a magical curse,

And due to this, Crabby was stuck in reverse.

(This just goes to prove very plainly, my lad,

That it isn't good sense to make some people mad!

Because of poor Crabby, for thousands of years,

His descendants have trouble when shifting their gears.

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