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August 17, 2014   
     According to the calendar, I am now 93 years old, an exceedingly elderly female.  I used to hear old girls in their 70s and 80s claim they felt as young and frisky as ever inside. I thought they were full of old shoes.   
     Here is an honest fact:  I still play golf regularly, still find myself and my golf clubs in strange places like barns and supermarkets with Tiger Woods's type shots needed to get out of trouble . . . in my dreams.
     I won’t be celebrating by seeing if I can still fly an airplane, as I did on my 90th birthday.  My walker would get in the way.
      I've been thinking what fun it would be if you kind visitors from other countries wished me a Happy Birthday in your native languages.  Click on "no comments" below, and a space will appear for your comment, headed by your name or "anonymous"  if you prefer. Then by all means take a look at Kathie's important blog,  It would be lovely if you would leave a comment for her, as well.   
     Cheers and warm best wishes to all of you!
August 18, 2014
      One hundred forty-seven visitors yesterday but none left a comment.  I had a very nice birthday anyway, here at Linden Ponds where I'll never again have to load a dishwasher. The quality of the food?  Delicious.  I have asked helpful server Diane to convey my compliments to the chef.
May 22, 2015
      I awoke this morning, thinking about my welcome multiplicity of visitors and the disappointing sparsity of comments. Not a single one in a long, long time.  I wondered if the "no comments" area at the end of each post was confusing to unknown readers. If this is the case, I'm inviting them to introduce themselves via my e-mail address: I'll strive to respond personally to anyone who drops by.  
May 31, 2016  
     A year later and visitors still drop by but don't leave their calling cards by commenting.  That's okay, I'm still blogging and having a ball in my nineties, a venerable decade I never expected to reach.  The Monday game of duplicate bridge continues to excite my brain cells, as does the Tuesday lesson, and the Thursday and Saturday games.  Win, lose or draw, it's always fun.

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