Saturday, August 5, 2017


November 1, 2009 

Clark House Nursing Center
30 Longwood Drive
Westwood, MA 02090

Dear Chris Wasel:
       For the second time I am writing to tell you how fortunate I felt to be a patient in your facility.  It was a pleasure to become reacquainted with nurses Amy, Caren, and Denise, all of whom combine professionalism with caring attentiveness.  The aides, too, brought sunshine into Room 101, regardless of what the weather-man was claiming outside.  I was particularly happy to see Jacinthe Charles again.  She went to bat for me in September of 2008 when the torrid temperature favored by my roommate in room 103 gave me bright red cheeks and a fever.  By raising the window a few inches for several days, Jacinthe helped me reduce the fever and avoid another useless trip to Mass General's Emergency Room.    
      There was just one problem I had that may occur with other patients who are light sleepers.  I call it The Battle of the Closed/Opened Door.  Clark House is blessedly quiet during the night, thanks to excellent soundproofing, but at 6:00 a.m. it comes noisily to life.  When I was put on the compressing machine, I soon realized my roommate and I could sleep for another two hours if the door were closed.  I had learned how to extricate myself from the machine and climb back into it when I needed the bathroom.  Therefore, when the door was left open at 6:00, I would get up and close it.  Most of the nurses humored me, but one of them told me it was “protocol” for her to look in on her patients when she first came on duty.  I argued that she didn’t look at us, she just opened both doors, and the light from the hall and bathroom woke me.  She joked the next morning, “How is Miss Close-the-Door, Close-the-Door today?”  
     I’m sure sleep must be an important part of a patient’s recovery.  The first night that I was home, I slept for ten solid hours, an indicator of how sleep-deprived I had been.  If I ever need nursing care again, Clark House will be my choice, but I hope I’ll be able to win the Battle of the Closed/Opened Door.

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