Saturday, August 5, 2017


             SANDIE McMOUSE 
Sandie McClintock McTavish McMouse
Was a poor little, lean little critter
With a tail that was curly and ears pink and pearly,
And eyes with a crumb-hungry glitter.

Angus, the Scotsman, who owned the wee house
In which the wee mouse was a boarder,
Was a codger whose cupboards, like old Mother 
Were kept in a barren disorder.

McMouse couldn't find him as much as a crumb.
(Old Angus ate all in the house!)
So it seemed that starvation (a dismal sensation)
Awaited poor Sandie McMouse.

One day in the spring came the Widow McGee
To call on her skinny old neighbor,
And she brought him a cake of her own happy make,
And biscuits, the fruit of her labor.

I'm thankin' ye, noo, for yer kindness, m'lass!"
Said Angus.  "How well ye are lookin'!"
Sit ye doon while I take a wee nip of your cake—
I hinna yet sampled yer cookin'!"

The cake was a treat to the little old man
Who lived on a bachelor's diet.
Thought he:  "Cake like this is deservin' a kiss --
But I dinna hae courage to try it!

As the two shared the snack, little Sandie McMouse
Soon scented the cake and the biscuit,
And starved to a whisker, the poor little frisker
Decided he'd just have to risk it!

Stealing out of his nook, he ran up to the chair
Where the widow sat nibbling and rocking,
And sniffing a scrap of the cake on her lap,
He ascended the slope of her stocking.

"Heavens above!" cried the Widow McGee,
And for speed there was no one could match her,
As she leapt from her place with a vigor and grace
Quite astounding for one of her stature.

Sprinting to Angus, she fell on his lap,
And surprised and delighted was he
To find in his arms that plump bundle of charms,
The tempestuous Widow McGee.

The end of the story is easy to guess:
They wed on that very same spot
And lived ever after on crumpets and laughter,
Each loving the other a lot.

Aware that their "Cupid" is living nearby
In their neat little, sweet little house,
They're careful to scatter the crumbs from their platter
For fat little Sandie McMouse! 
                           Ernestine Cobern Beyer
                           Artist Leo Harrington      

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