Monday, August 7, 2017



Flydo, the bird-dog, was cunning indeed,

Like all other pups of his loveable breed.

He had one funny ear that stood up like a flag,

And a spirited tail with a talkative wag.

But though he was gentle and just a bit shy,

From puppyhood Fido had wanted to fly!

Watching a motherly robin one day,

He studied her flight as she flew to a spray.

"If a robin can do it, I can if I try!

A bird-dog," he thought, "should be able to fly!"

With this in his mind, Fido sprang in the air,

But much to his sorrow, he didn't stay there!

Mrs. Robin, who always is friendly and nice,

Flew down to deliver some helpful advice.

"I think you went up rather neatly," she said,

"But it isn't good form to come down on your head!"

She eyed him.  "You're lacking a couple of things!

You need some equipment--you've got to grow wings!"

A rose, overhearing, leaned down from her fence

And murmured to Fido with charming good sense:

"Water makes everything grow, little pup!

Go sit in the hose, and your wings will come up!"

                                                                                                                    Grace Lawrence
Fido ran to the hose and he sat in a huddle,

His nose in the spray and his tail in a puddle.

He swiveled one eye.  Then he capered about . . .

For would you believe it?  His wings had come out!

Like a little propeller, his tail spun around,

And Fido, the bird-dog, took off from the ground!

He soared and he dove, and he coasted the breeze

In a manner that simply astonished his fleas!

So, dear, when you're walking some day in the park,

And you hear a strange song that is more like a bark,

Look hard, very hard, for perhaps that is Fido

Whom now all the crows and the robins call "Flydo."

Yes, maybe that's Flydo up there in the sky,

Happily teaching a fledgling to fly!

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