Monday, August 7, 2017


One day, when strolling slowly (I am rather roly-poly),
Something happened—the most magical of things!
I met a tiny creature with a most amazing feature—
An attractive pair of polka-dotted wings.
With a gasp we couldn’t smother, we stood staring at each other
And I noticed that she seemed to like my hat.
“Deary me!” I heard her mutter, “I would surely cause a flutter
If the fairies ever saw me wearing that!”
Her look was wistful, very, so I murmured to the fairy
Who observed me with so envious a stare:
“I can see you like my bonnet. Since your heart is set upon it,
I will trade it for the pretty wings you wear!”
                                                                                                       Leo Harrington

             Response was never prompter!
                                             She tried my hat. It swamped her!
                                        My, oh my, the cunning picture that she made!
                                                  My bonnet made her stagger,
                                            but she staggered with a swagger,
                                       So I knew she was delighted with the trade.
                                           With her wings upon my shoulder,
                                          “Well, goodbye,” I softly told her,
                                    And I waited till she vanished in the sun.
                                             Then not the least bit fearful,
                                          but quite confident and cheerful,
                                   I flew homeward to astonish everyone!

Questions About the Poem
Check the right answer.
1. The tiny creature had a
___a. long tail.
___b. pair of polka-dotted wings.
___c. bad cold.
2. The tiny creature seemed to like my
___a. bonnet.
___b. shoes.
___c. jacket.
3. When the tiny creature put on my hat, it
___a. fell off.
___b. swamped her.
___c. was too tight.
4. The words "most magical"
___a. mean something very tiny.
___b. rhyme with "most amazing."
___c. start with the same letter.
5. "Stare" rhymes with
___a. wear.
___b. star.
___c. store.
Special question: Would you dare to put on a pair of magical wings? Where in the world would you fly?  

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