Monday, August 7, 2017



Once there was a 'fraidy cat,

A small and timid lady cat,

Long on tail but rather short on wits.

A bird or frog could scare her, dear,

And she would run in terror, dear,

From every moth or butterfly that flits.

One morning, in a spacious room

Where shadows shed a gracious gloom,

She spied a mouse—and nearly lost her mind!

Tail high, she turned and sped away;

Indeed, poor 'Fraidy fled away

So fast, she almost left herself behind!

Though scared, at first, to face the cat,

The mouse began to chase the cat—

And finally, emboldened by her wail,

He made a merry beeline, dear,

For that unwary feline, dear,

And caught her by her small, convenient tail.

"I'd like to be your friend," said he.

"You've set me up no end, you see;

I used to slink and creep about the house.

There's really nothing drearier

Than feeling so inferior!

I wonder, Ma'am, if you could like a mouse?"

'Fraidy Cat is older, now,

And since she's also bolder, now,

The mouse and she became good friends for life.

He often gives her ear a kiss,

And in return, my dear, for this,

She baby‑sits for Mr. Mouse's wife!

                                                                                Leo Harrington

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