Saturday, September 17, 2011


A certain king of great renown

Saw everybody upside down.

It much disturbed him day and night,

So topsy-turvy was his sight.

To try to cure the good king's eyes

There came a doctor old and wise

Who dosed the king with horrid brews,

And poured red pepper in his shoes.

These things the patient king endured,

But when the doctor cried, "You're cured!"

His Highness blinked and glumly said:

"Sir!  Must you stand upon your head?"

Came other clever doctors, then,

Distinguished and important men.

"The Cold Cure is the very thing!"

Said they, "Let's try it on the king!"

They promptly wrapped him in a sheet

With lumps of ice at head and feet.

Although it was a famous one,

This cure was very little fun.

"You're healed!" they cried.  "Without a doubt,

Your sickness has been frozen out!"

But they were wrong -- for all that froze

Was just the royal nose and toes.

Well, being men of great resource,

They tried the Hot Cure next, of course.

But though they baked him toe to brow,

His sole response to this was "OW!"

Then came a wizard, tall of hat,

Who cured the king as quick as that!

He simply turned him upside down

And stood his highness on his crown.

"Hooray!"  The king's relief was vast.

"You all look right side up, at last!"

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