Friday, December 30, 2016


 The terms I use in this blogger discourse apply to Windows Seven Personal Computers.  Your system may have different terms for the same process.

     Let's say you have ten posts you want to publish in chronological order. First place check marks in the boxes beside them; then click on Revert to Draft, which you'll find above your posts.  
     On a piece of paper, number the drafts vertically from ten, the newest (or the one with the most recent date) at the top), down to one, the draft that is the oldest.  Your numbers will read 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, the reverse of the order in which they will be published.  Then start with the post that has the most recent date, 10, click on Edit to bring it up on blogger. Above #10 you will see Publish, Save, Preview, and Close. 
     Look under Post settings to the right of your post. Click on Schedule and on "Set date and time."  If the calendar doesn't show the current month and year, click on the small blue double arrow on right to advance to the correct month and current year.  If you go beyond the current month, click on the double arrow on the left to go back.   
      Next click on today's date and it will appear on the left above the calendar. In the space to the right, put the time in AM or PM that you want this first post in your series to be published. If it is 10:00 AM, then you can publish subsequent posts two minutes apart (more or less--it's up to you, but I routinely choose two minutes).  So the second post would be timed for 10:02, the next 10:04, the next 10:06, etc., the series of ten ending with 10:18. 
     On your piece of paper, put a check mark next to the time you've scheduled each numbered post for publication.   You can click on Preview any time to see how the current post will look. 
     To return to your blog, click on "blogger dashboard" above the previewed post. Back on the page where your posts are listed, you will see the times scheduled for publication disappear as the moment comes and goes.
     Suppose something goes wrong after all your work, and one of the posts fails to be published.  This was harrowing until I realized I could copy and paste the skipped post on the end of the previous one or the beginning of the next one. Or you can tuck it into the time between those scheduled posts -- i.e. 10:31 between 10:30 and 10:32, You can also re-schedule the series of posts, this time including the one left out.  
     I hope these instructions are much clearer than mud;  I'm open to questions and comments.
P.S.  Here's an analogy that illustrates how and why this works.  Visualize a conveyor belt on which you are placing three-dimensional numbers in reverse chronological order.
Lucille Ball comes to mind, but you don't have to get frantic about this, (which I have on occasion.)  At the end of the line the numbers pile upward until they get to the last one, #1.  Now what do you visualize when you look at the column from top to bottom:
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!  Good for you, a new skill to enjoy!


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      Which reminds me. Click on Candid Current Events and you'll find your favorite poet's Picnic Fun. "There's nothing the matter with me. . . ."
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